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27.07.2020 Load cells with continuous condition monitoring

Mettler Toledo, Nänikon, Switzerland, points out that process engineers working with bulk materials, in food, chemical or pharmaceutical production, are constantly striving for enhanced productivity in their processes. Most often, achieving higher yields while maintaining consistently high quality means continuous monitoring of the process with every possible means. This is true whether a single batch is being run, or even managing continuous processes need to be managed. Continuous monitoring can also help eliminate lost batches, saving a significant amount of wasted time and lost materials.

Bad batches can be the result of non-homogeneous mixes or defective load cells. This creates a high financial risk, when the process is running for longer times, like days or even weeks.

The company states that these issues can now be avoided by using its new POWERCELL® load cells for controlling the content of storage vessels and the material distribution within. These load cells feature integrated microprocessors that perform continuous condition-monitoring to provide predictive maintenance information. This means they can also detect non-homogeneous ingredient accumulation on one side of the batching vessel. This real-time feedback allows for corrective action to be taken before expensive batch loss occurs.

In the unlikely event of load cell failure, POWERCELL® enables batch completion. This is because TraxEMT™ on-board predictive maintenance technology allows the IND780 weighing indicator to continuously monitor each load cell. Enabling the ‘run flat’ function lets the other load cells compensate for the faulty unit until it can be replaced.

Besides helping process engineers achieve higher yields, Mettler Toledo's POWERCELL load cell technology allows the collection of detailed measurement and diagnostics data. This enables a new and improved approach to process control and optimisation, which is a prerequisite for any future transition to fully automated processing.

Reduced downtime, faster troubleshooting, and fewer bad and lost batches: POWERCELL load cells inside PowerMount™ weigh modules pave the way for these overall improvements in quality, compliance and productivity.

POWERCELL helps achieve higher yields

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