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27.07.2020 Localised dust extraction for sack tip station

Farleygreene, Mapledurwell, Hampshire, UK, has launched a localised dust extraction system (LDEE) which works in conjunction with its Sievmaster Easilift sack tip sieve.

Many applications can produce excess dust during processing, so having solutions available that contain dust is a key priority for manufacturers. Dust control is not only essential for maintaining hygiene standards, but to reduce the risk of explosion arising from airborne dust particles.

Farleygreene’s LDEE is based on its Sievmaster Easilift sack tip station and features a complete dust control system. It can be fully integrated into production lines to enhance and improve all aspects of safety and hygiene whilst sack tipping powders.

The LDEE model incorporates a horizontal filter and side-mounted fan system, which is built onto the back of the sack tip hood. This allows a much larger HEPA, food-grade, anti-static, ATEX compliant filter to be incorporated, trapping 99.9902% of dust down to a particle size of 0.2 microns.

Compared to the traditional solution, which is built vertically onto the hood, the side mounted system is 400mm shorter to fit in a single storey and access to the filter is now quick and easy. Tool-free band clamps ensure that the cover is easily disconnected, providing access to the filter for removal and cleaning in less than one minute.

A powerful ATEX 22 rated fan is coupled with the filter and works to pull the dust away from the user and into the filter. At the same time, the removable baffle plate, directs the flow of dust up into the filter. The fan and filter operation point has been finely tuned to balance energy efficiency and extraction capabilities.

The pneumatically assisted hood door is fitted with an interlock switch, once closed, a reverse pulse function is activated which blows air into the filter to clean it. A stainless steel ATEX22 push-button programmable control panel is available to manage the whole system, including the sieve unit.

The electronic extraction reduces the amount of air required over compressed air vacuum pump systems which helps to reduce a business’s carbon footprint and energy usage. Using compressed air is less efficient due to the losses associated with transmission and the initial compressing of the air. The electric system is easier to fit within existing infrastructure as the low compressed air demand for the filter cleaning can be catered for by existing compressors.

For customers who already have a Sievmaster Easilift system, the LDEE can be retrofitted. The whole solution is ATEX rated as standard and made with FDA and EC1935/2004 compliant materials. The sieve is available in a choice of two diameters depending on required throughput.


Farleygreene’s LDEE seen from the left side and (below) from the front

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