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03.08.2020 Pandemic drives surge in snack food consumption

Spiroflow, Clitheroe, UK, reports that it has recently experienced an increase in orders for snack food processing equipment from both its UK and US manufacturing plants. This follows a reported 40% increase in snack food consumption during the pandemic. Sales of the company’s mobile sack tip unit with conveyor are said to be especially buoyant.

Well suited for adding seasoning, salt and seeds to snack products, the sack tip unit offers processors flexibility as the system can be moved easily to a cleaning area or if space is limited. Consisting of a flexible screw conveyor, an agitator and a hopper with a dust hood, the system helps to reduce manual handling by consistently dosing seasoning into a process line. The action of the conveyor ensures the material is being constantly remixed, which is particularly important when a product is a specific blend that needs to remain consistent.

The inherent simplicity of the conveyor system facilitates regular cleaning which is essential if batch changes occur. The electric motor may be reversed to empty the conveyor of residual ingredients. It can then be fully stripped down in minutes for cleaning and product changeovers, and the spiral can be quickly removed from the tube, with optional quick release connectors enabling rapid dismantling and reassembly to minimise downtime. Spiroflow’s mobile seasoning units can be provided with integral control panels as required, for a ‘plug and play solution’ requiring no installation.

“We are used to responding to changing market conditions and refocusing sales teams on the segments that are in need of our equipment, but the increase in the snacking category has been unprecedented,” said Spiroflow’s James Podevyn. “Production of our mobile sack tip unit has been ramped up to support food processors and provide production flexibility”.


Spiroflow mobile sack tip unit

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