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03.08.2020 Wood pellets packed in paper sacks

Concetti, Bastia Umbra, Italy, recently supplied an IGF 600 automatic bagging machine to Naturpellet, the leading Spanish producer of quality wood pellets derived from 100% debarked pine uncontaminated by additives or chemical binders. Naturpellet was founded in 2014 by Pallet Tama of Segovia, the leading Spanish producer of wooden pallets.

Being aware of the company's green philosophy, Concetti – working closely Boga Técnica its representative in Spain and Portugal – proposed the IGF 600, a bagging machine for open-mouth, pre-made bags that is reliable, sturdy and handles the product gently. More importantly, it guarantees a resistant, easily transportable, recyclable paper bag with good closure properties.

Choosing open-mouth, paper bagging technology instead of the typical heat-sealed plastic tubular reel, was a counter-trend strategy which, today with the new European packaging regulations and the growing focus on the environment, becomes even more of an inspired move by the Spanish company. “When we faced the opportunity of installing a bagging machine for paper bags, our first impressions were positive,” explained Roberto Bravo Arranz, director of Naturpellet. “After careful reflection, we opted for seam closure, to further differentiate ourselves using a 'natural' type of closure.

Wood pellets are a significant alternative to fossil fuels because they are environmentally friendly, sustainable, CO2 neutral and they represent an extremely smart way to recycle wood-processing waste. This is highlighted by the 14% worldwide growth in demand for forest biomass in 2018 (+8% in Europe) in comparison with the previous year. In addition, with the ongoing debate regarding climate change and the new European regulations on plastic packaging which come into force in 2021, the choice to bag them using paper sacks becomes much more than just an option.

Concetti offers automatic and customised weighing, bagging and palletising solutions for all customer requirements.

Concetti IGF 600 automatic bagging machine supplied to Naturpellet


15kg capacity paper sack of the type used for packaging the wood pellets

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