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31.08.2020 Further Verder Group expansion

The VERDER Group, Haan, Germany, has acquired Porotec GmbH, thereby further expanding its particle characterisation business. Porotec develops and sells particle and porosity measurement instruments and is located near Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It operates successfully as a dealer for Microtrac MRB, a company which forms part of the Verder Scientific Division which also specialises in particle characterisation.

With the acquisition of Porotec, Microtrac MRB enhances its expertise and market position in gas adsorption, porosimetry and density measurement, and strengthens its German team within the fields of application, sales and service. Porotec contributes relevant technical know-how and in-depth knowledge of the market.

Microtrac MRB was established in 2020 following unification of the companies Microtrac Inc., MicrotracBEL Corp. and RETSCH Technology GmbH and provides the world’s widest range of equipment for particle characterisation. Microtrac MRB is currently preparing the market launch of the BELPORE mercury porosimeter, a niche technology in which Porotec is also very experienced and has a large installed base.

Left to right: Dr Jürgen Pankratz, CEO of the Verder Scientific Division and Microtrac MRB, with Carsten Minkley and Dr Jürgen Adolphs, joint managing directors of Porotec

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