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07.09.2020 More efficient spray drying with redesigned bag filter

GEA, Düsseldorf, Germany, has made a series of important changes to its SANICIP® bag filtration system for food and dairy spray dryers in a long-term development project aimed at providing significant operational benefits to users of the new equipment. The new SANICIP® II (patent pending) maintains and controls the pressure drop through the filtration bags more effectively by promoting longer production times and reducing CIP intervals. Combined with other advances, such as easier maintenance and better space utilisation than its predecessor, bag life is now up to 50% longer. These developments offer more reliable operation, financial savings and a better working environment for operators.

Each filtration bag is supported by an internal cage structure. The 4.5m cages are much lighter in weight than their longer predecessors making maintenance easier. Likewise, the shorter cages can be fabricated as a single piece, rather than joining two structures, allowing the cage to be housed more easily and quicker. GEA has also made the fixing system for each cage obsolete, thereby eliminating the need for loose bolts, nuts and brackets which were difficult and time consuming for engineers to handle during routine maintenance. The shorter filtration bags are exposed to less turbulence making them less prone to mechanical wear, thereby helping to extend their operational life by up to 50 percent.

GEA made another important change by redesigning the inlet from the spray dryer, which is now vertical instead of horizontal. This facilitates a much more even distribution of air within the filter, reduces the footprint required and allows for a more adaptive plant layout: for example, where there is low headroom.

Stig Møller Andersen, product manager for GEA in Copenhagen commented: “We listened carefully to our customers’ concerns and systematically addressed them in the new SANICIP II. The result is a bag filtration system that effectively supports the spray dryer while providing a wide range of operational benefits for the user.”



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