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05.10.2020 A new dimension in particle analysis

Microtrac Retsch, Haan, Germany, has introduced the Microtrac MRB SYNC analyzer which provides traditional users of laser diffraction technology with new capabilities to characterise their materials. The proven tri-laser technology offers accurate and repeatable laser diffraction information from light detected over 163 degrees of angular scatter. When combined with state-of-the-art camera technology capturing images of the particle stream at the same time, the SYNC offers not only size data but also additional information about the shape of the materials and the quality of the dispersion.

The patented synchronous measurement technology of the SYNC allows users to make both a laser diffraction measurement and image analysis on a single sample, in the same sample cell at the same time.

This makes the SYNC well suited for both routine QC and research applications; it provides valuable information to researchers as they develop new materials and processes. The powerful software interface offers both particle size distribution information as well as a multitude of morphological parameters. The patented BLEND routine allows users to examine materials over a wide size range from 0.01 microns to 4000 microns.


The SYNC analyzer

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