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05.10.2020 Water-resistant paper sacks

Mondi, a leading global packaging and paper manufacturer with group administrative offices in the UK and Austria, has partnered with Adelaide Brighton Cement and Pope Packaging on the development of a new water-resistant paper bag called Rain Barrier, made out of Mondi’s Advantage Protect White sack kraft paper, for the Australian construction market.

Key characteristics include its water-repellent surface and high tensile strength in a wet environment. While a standard paper bag absorbs water, the qualities of the Rain Barrier bag, keep water from seeping in, as it stays on the surface where it evaporates. The paper itself is rain-resistant for up to six hours and can prevent water ingress for up to five full days when stored in damp conditions.

After being actively involved in testing and developing the new product, Adelaide Brighton Cement, one of Australia’s leading producers of cement, hydrated lime and related packaged products, is the first business in the country to market the new innovative product. The business is in the process of converting all of its cement and hydrated lime paper sacks, manufactured in South Australia and the Northern Territory, across to Rain Barrier bags.

Applying its customer-centric EcoSolutions approach, Mondi focused on Adelaide Brighton Cement and Pope Packaging's goal to provide a more functional and sustainable packaging solution.

Matthew Sullivan, general manager paper sacks, Pope Packaging, said: “Until the introduction of Advantage Protect and Advantage Protect White in our bag construction, water damage to bagged cement remained a problem on building sites exposed to weather or damp. Our Rain Barrier bag offers an unbeatable combination of water resistance in a paper bag, which is less costly and has higher filling speeds than the non-paper alternative.”

“The new water-resistant paper bags fill just as fast as traditional paper bags and can be filled on existing machinery – so no new investment is needed on the part of the cement companies. They are also made from a renewable natural material, which is part of Mondi’s EcoSolutions approach to providing the most sustainable solution for its customers. We are delighted to have helped make a paper bag solution available in Australia,” said Gerry Gosen, head of sales, region Asia Pacific sack kraft paper at Mondi.


The Rain Barrier water-resistant paper sack 

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