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12.10.2020 Online drying and crystallisation trials for thermoplastics

Kreyenborg, Senden, Westphalia, Germany – a specialist manufacturer of infrared rotary drums – has begun offering customers trials for drying and/or crystallisation of any kind of thermoplastics, such as PET, PLA, PA, EVOH or PP and cellulose. These trials are run with specific, customised materials, while the customer takes part in the presentation live via video chat (such as Teams, Zoom or Skype live).

“Pre-trials in test facility are an essential requirement for many of our customers. This is the best scrutiny of the performance of our equipment before any investment is made, while we can prove this,” commented sales manager Marcus Vogt. As travel restrictions make it sometimes impossible for people to take part in trials personally at Kreyenborg’s technical development centre, the company is now offering this special service of online trial events. The customer merely has to send 25kg of sample material and determine the trial programme in detail with the competent contact person at Kreyenborg.

For the trials, Kreyenborg’s test facility is equipped with an ‘IR-Batch’ for small tests and with the continuously operating infrared rotary drum ‘IRD B 180/270-135’ that handles a maximum throughput of up to 700kg/h. The test facility’s equipment additionally comprises various mixing and dosing units, extruder feed systems such as funnels and hoppers, as well as analysis instruments to determine the material properties of the customer’s specific material processed, which can all be included in the trial series upon request. Every trial made for a customer is concluded with a detailed report and a product sample that is sent to the customer’s company in a vacuum-sealed package so that independent in-depth investigations can be made.


A customer trial being undertaken at Kreyenborg’s test facility 

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