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12.10.2020 Semi-automatic bag filling/closing line

Concetti, Bastia Umbra, Italy, has designed a new semi-automatic packaging plant with a production capacity of up to 1200 bags/hour. The filling and closing line uses an innovative bag holder that protects the operator when the bag is being attached to the filling spout. The dust extraction system helps to provide a clean and safe environment. The scale is a net weigher with gravity feed. Bag closing is either by sewing or welding.

The bag can be closed by simple sewing, fold (of the upper flap of the bag) and stitching; or by heat sealing in the case of plastic packaging (PE, PET). The plant can process flat and gusseted bags in paper, raffia, plastic, from 10 to 50kg capacity, with a fully automatic format change.

The plant, in the completely stainless-steel version, is designed for weighing and packaging aggressive granular products such as salt and fertilisers, ensuring reliability, safety and long life.

For packaging of products such as rice, grains, feed, pet food, vegetables, charcoal and minerals, Concetti offers a mild steel version with the parts in contact with the product fabricated from stainless steel.


Concetti’s semi-automatic filling and closing line

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