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19.10.2020 Parallel lab reactors in a single unit speed catalyst research

Micromeritics Instrument Corp., Norcross, GA, USA – the world’s leading supplier of high-performance material characterisation technologies – enables scientists to accelerate catalyst research, following the launch of latest additions to its Multi Reactor (MR) series. The fully automated and computer-controlled MR 4 or MR 8 are versatile evaluation units offering   high throughput testing capabilities for catalyst research. These reactor systems provide capabilities to investigate 120 kinetic data points per week. Researchers can now comprehensively measure the activity and selectivity of heterogeneous catalysts for screening and kinetic studies.

The versatile MR 4 and MR 8 provide operational flexibility for determining optimal reaction conditions and understanding operational challenges for a wide range of applications. Thanks to the units’ high level of flexibility and gas or optional liquids feeding systems, the MR 4 or MR 8 can be configured to individual application needs: reaction and regeneration, for example, can be performed in-situ and at consecutive stages thanks to the precise temperature-control and feeding system. “We had the utmost flexibility and highest grade of customisation for our customers in mind, when creating the MR series of multi-catalyst reactors for the lab”, said Terry Kelly, president and CEO of Micromeritics. “Providing parallel reaction screening systems for important processes like hydrogenation, reforming, hydrocarbon upgrading studies to pyrolysis and gasification, or selective and partial oxidation measurements. That allows our customers to focus on their catalyst research and development rather than devoting valuable resources to designing and constructing pilot plants.”

The Micromeritics MR 4 or MR 8 are easily integrated with a range of analytics including chromatography and spectroscopy and are operated or monitored via a user-friendly software that makes experimental study definitions easy. The high productivity catalyst evaluation units are available in multiple configurations.


Multi Reactor MR 4 with four catalyst reactors 

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