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19.10.2020 Horizontal-motion, food-grade conveyor

Key Technology, Walla Walla, WA, USA, has introduced Zephyr™, its next-generation horizontal-motion vibratory conveyor. Featuring a patented direct drive with a counterbalance system, Zephyr has been designed to gently move product with no segregation or stratification and at higher capacities than can be achieved with competitive horizontal motion conveyors. It minimises bounce, thereby reducing product damage, noise and loss of seasoning and other coatings.

“Designed for food processors who want gentle handling, our field-proven Zephyr conveyor offers higher throughput, reduced maintenance and a modular design that is more readily customised than other horizontal-motion shakers on the market,” said Jim Ruff, vice president of process systems and integrated solutions at Key Technology.

Zephyr’s simple drive system is powered by an electric motor with few parts to facilitate maintenance – no timing setup is required. This conveyor is available with a choice of four finishes, offering rotary polished beds, ground and polished welds and more to meet a variety of different hygiene requirements.

Tailored for each customer application, Zephyr’s bed can be up to 1m wide and, depending on width, up to 7m long with a product depth of up to 254mm. The drive can be located in any position below the bed to support seamless integration with other equipment in the line. Key can equip Zephyr with a variety of bed options including slide gates for scale feed distribution, a discharge to enhance multi-head weighing or a bias to spread the product when feeding a downstream system. It can also be configured with a stop/start mode for scale feeding or product distribution. Suitable for integration with Iso-Flo®, Impulse® and other vibratory conveyors from Key, Zephyr rounds out the Smart Shaker® conveying series.

Key manufactures its conveying systems in both the US and Europe (Beusichem, the Netherlands, and Hasselt, Belgium) and supports customers worldwide via parent company Duravant’s SupportPro service organisation.


Designed to provide up to twice the throughput of other horizontal-motion conveyors, Zephyr is capable of moving product at rates up to about 12m/min









Zephyr is well suited for handling bulk foods such as potato products (pictured), as well as fruits, vegetables, nuts and cereals

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