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26.10.2020 Robust weighing terminal

Hottinger Brüel & Kjær (HBK), Royston, UK, has launched a user-friendly weighing terminal, the WTX110-D.

To enable new applications and facilitate weighted measurements, this latest addition to the company’s WTX weighing terminal series can be used in the harshest environments thanks to its stainless steel housing and IP69K degree of protection, which makes it resistant to humidity, dust and cleaning agents. It is well suited for applications in truck and silo scales and can also be used in areas governed by stringent hygiene requirements, such as those specified for food, chemicals and pharmaceutical industries.

WTX110-D enables users to connect up to 32 digital load cells and has the option of desktop or panel mounting. With a 4.3in colour display featuring practical soft-key control, plus the capability of set up and control via a web interface or mobile app, all WTX terminals are said to be much easier to use onsite than most conventional weighing indicators.

As part of HBK’s WTX series, the WTX110-D can be combined with the company’s digital load cells to provide users with a complete weighing solution which is certified according Legal for Trade applications.


HBK’s WTX110-D weighing terminal

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