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23.11.2020 Easy-clean rotary valve

VDL Industrial Products, Eindhoven, the Netherlands, has introduced the HT-S Easy Clean, the latest version of its popular HT-S rotary valve. VDL has developed a new, quick-disassembly version of its well-known HT-S rotary valve. The new model combines the qualities of the HT-S with a high level of cleaning efficiency, whereby the rotor can be easily removed and repositioned without tools. The new valve is equipped with a slide rail system with precise bearings.

After a couple of fasteners are manually released, the rotor slides out on the rails. A safety switch ensures disconnection of the drive, which stays in place.

The valve, which is suitable for pressure differentials up to about 0.4 bar, is fully nickel plated on both the inside and outside to food-grade standards. The AISI 316 stainless steel rotor is cast in one piece.


HT-S Easy Clean from VDL Industrial Products

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