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11.01.2021 RAYMAN co-founder retires

RAYMAN spol. s r. o., Kladno, Czech Republic, reports that one of its founders Dipl.-Ing. Petr Rayman retired from the company at the end of 2020. As RAYMAN spol. s. r. o is a family-owned company, Ms Dipl. -Ing. Eva Raymanova has been appointed one of the managing directors of the company. She also has been promoted to head the technical office in Milevsko.

Petr Rayman plans to help his former colleagues as an external technical consultant in the field of pneumatic conveying, an area in which he has considerable technical experience. This way they can benefit in future from his in-depth knowledge in this specialist field.

“We have built the company from zero to a stable and reputable engineering company in its 28-years of life. The Company has become a respected brand in pneumatic conveying in both, the Czech and the Slovak Republics”, said Mr Rayman.  “We have always gone our own technical way and we have developed almost all types of systems and components, including vessel feeders (PKRH and PKM product lines), FLOW-FEEDERS, Venturi feeders, Fluid Conveyors, a line of filling spouts, conveying pipeline components, etc. We also have developed modern and economical fluid pneumatic conveying systems with Fluid Conveyors as their parts, as TOP FLUID system, FLUID-COLL system, FLOW-OFF system or FILLCON system”, he continued. „I always personally cared about energy efficiency and simplicity of equipment delivered by our company, which ha brought benefit in low energy consumption and low maintenance costs to the systems users”, he added.

Mr Rayman has also pointed out that he has been very proud that the young generation of the family is willing and able to continue in his and of course his brother´s work.


Petr Rayman

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