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11.01.2021 Mixer does not require moving parts

Dec Group, Ecublens, Switzerland, has developed the PTS Batchmixer®, a ground-breaking system based on PTS technology that integrates the three fundamental principles of diffusive mixing, shear mixing and convective mixing to mix powders in a fully contained way without using any rotating or moving parts.

The company points out that in the complex process of powder mixing, distribution efficiency will strongly depend on the physical characteristics of the products. Selecting a mixer with the right balance between mixing rate and segregation to suit particular cohesiveness of the materials and differences in bulk density and particle sizes is a constant challenge.  

The patented, self-charging PTS Batchmixer does not contain any moving or rotating parts and can meet the most stringent requirements for mixing powders. The unit can be easily integrated into a production line and serve as the interface between the various operation steps. The process is therefore completely sealed and thanks to its high GMP and cleanability design, it can be used to handle highly potent and/or sterile products.

This powder mixing technology is capable of achieving above average homogeneity and can also be applied to small scale laboratory operations.


Dec’s PTS Batchmixer

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