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18.01.2021 Versatile sample carousel

Dinnissen Process Technology, Sevenum, the Netherlands, has launched the Multisize Sample Carousel, allowing producers to take samples of different sizes in an automated sampling process. Using this innovation, producers can also determine the order and frequency in accordance with sample size. This allows for the automated serial collection of samples for different purposes, such as: starter sample, chemical sample, bacteriological sample, hourly sample and batch sample.

The Multisize Sample Carousel is capable of collecting up to 20 samples of differing shapes, without human intervention. The innovation can be seamlessly integrated into new and existing production lines and reduces downtime to a minimum. Dinnissen works with the customer to draw up a sampling plan to create the most efficient sampling process possible, tailored to each customer's specific requirement. More information about this sampling innovation can be found on the Dinnissen Process Technology website.

Together with its customers, Dinnissen Process Technology is continuously innovating production processes to maximise output and minimise downtime. Particularly in the sampling process, there was room for improvement in terms of time saving. That is why Dinnissen, together with a customer, took up the challenge of further automating this process.


Dinnissen’s Multisize Sample Carousel

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