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25.01.2021 Palletizers stack sugar sacks in sling bags

SYMACH, Terneuzen, the Netherlands, recently supplied two palletising lines to the nearby Zeeland Sugar Terminal (ZST) at Westdorpe, a village in the Dutch province of Zeeland located adjacent to the Ghent-Terneuzen canal. SYMACH palletizers stack ZST 50kg sugar sacks in slings, to load ships. The SYMACH systems offer quick and reliable palletizing flexibility for container/sling.

At the end of last year, ZST loaded the first breakbulk/general cargo vessel with 50kg sacks of sugar in sling bags. The ultramodern sugar terminal, with its two SYMACH palletizing lines can efficiently load both containers and sling bags. Flexibility to meet customer demand and a high capacity to palletise mainly 50kg sacks of sugar quickly and reliably into the right format were prime requirements for ZST.

Loading slings with bags into the hold of a ship quickly and efficiently can only be done with stable straight stacks of bags. The high palletising quality of SYMACH palletizers provides straight stacks that are sufficiently cohesive with each other to ensure good stability.

For the palletising line SYMACH also designed and built the bag transport to feed the palletizers and the pallet transport system. The use of metal transport pallets is said to contribute considerably to the SYMACH line flexibility. The design of the line minimises the number of operator actions to what is strictly necessary without limiting options.

The state-of-the-art ZST facility combines over 130,000t conditioned bulk storage capacity with accurate and reliable bagging and palletising lines. SYMACH, a Barry-Wehmiller company forming part of BW Flexible Systems, designs and produces packaging and palletising technology for customers worldwide.

One of the two SYMACH sack palletising lines installed at Zeeland Sugar Terminal















Sling bags, comprising palletised 50kg sacks of sugar, being craned on board a breakbulk vessel at ZST

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