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05.04.2021 Mobile-modular recycling plant concept featured at eREC

Doppstadt Group, Velbert, Germany, will once again participate at the eREC online trade show. From 3 - 8 May, the recycling specialist will showcase its smart solutions at the virtual exhibition stand. The focus will be the mobile-modular plant concepts, which have become more important, especially in the context of the Amendment to the Biowaste Ordinance. The well thought-out combination of individual machines does not only enable compliance with the new requirements – which are contested by many in the industry – but it is also particularly efficient and economic. In the Doppstadt expert lecture, anyone interested can be informed about further details on this innovative recycling solution.

It is already the second time that the popular trade show for the recycling industry takes place digitally in 2021. “We had very positive experiences with the digital execution last year. Therefore we will participate again,” said Michael Zeppenfeldt, head of sales Germany at Doppstadt.

At the online trade show, the Doppstadt Group will present its wide range of mobile and stationary plant technology. The focus of the virtual exhibition stand will be the company’s mobile-modular plant concepts. According to Zeppenfeldt, the timing could not be better: in January the Federal Environment Ministry presented the draft of the Amendment to the Biowaste Ordinance, which requires that biowaste does not contain more than 0.5% contaminants prior to biological treatment. The requirements are causing criticism and discord in the industry – many industry associates and experts claim that the draft is technically unfeasible. Without good reason, Zeppenfeldt argues: “Our mobile-modular plant concept can already offer solutions today for future legislative requirements. It does not only enable plant operators to comply with the required specifications – but it is also particularly efficient and profitable.” Doppstadt will present the topical subject “Mobile-modular plant concepts” in online lectures; on 5th May, from 10:30 to 10:45 am, the environmental technology specialist will give a lecture in German. For international visitors, the lecture will be in English on 7th May, from 10:15 to 10:30 am. Readers are invited to register free of charge ( for the eRec trade show and the conference programme.

With its mobile –modular plant concept, Doppstadt can provide an efficient and economical solution to comply with the new requirements of the Amendment to the Biowaste Ordinance; here the company’s METHOR and SELECTOR 400 are pictured in operation










Michael Zeppenfeldt

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