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24.05.2021 Mini batch blending

Gericke, Regensdorf, Switzerland, has developed a novel semi continuous feeding and blending process. Also referred to as mini batch blending, it combines the benefits of continuous manufacturing with the simplicity of a traditional batch process:

•    Suitable for throughput rates below 1kg/h and up to 20kg/h without scale up
•    Overall batch sizes below 1kg
•    Suitable for drug loads below 1%
•    Minimal use of APIs for process development especially during early phase development
•    Simplifies process control without start up or transient state
•    Easy integration into existing processes (e.g. tablet compression)
•    Simplified control strategy without residence time distribution RTD modelling
•    Suitable for high containment (OEB level 5).

The Gericke Mini Batch Blender is available as a standalone unit or fully integrated into the Gericke Formulation Skid with loss in weight feeders, Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and Materials Handling.

Like all other Gericke equipment, these solutions are globally supported by the Gericke network of group companies and local partners. Gericke test centres are available to select and verify the right mixing solution and the complete system setup. Furthermore, the Mini Batch Blender is available as a rental unit for on-site trials.


Gericke’s Mini Batch Blender

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