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31.05.2021 Versatile system for precision mixing trials

Dinnissen Process Technology, Sevenum, the Netherlands, has introduced the Pegasus® R&D Mixer which provides customers with a fast and cost-effective means of testing many ways to improve products and processes. It offers the means of adding various ingredients and mixing small batches within a relatively short time. Recipes can be tested and experiments can be undertaken to find the best possible product composition.

The R&D Mixer was commercialised as a new product after a company in the chemical sector had approached Dinnissen to discover new ways of creating renewable energy sources. A very specific chemical process required that a batch be mixed continuously for 24 hours with exactly one gram of additives. Both the product and the mixer had to be kept at a specific temperature for the test procedure to be effective.

Dinnissen states that this test has the potential to be upgraded for application in large scale chemical processing lines that will have a positive impact on global renewable energy.

Dinnissen’s Pegasus R&D Mixer

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