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19.07.2021 Keeping confectionery protected from metal particle contamination risk

Eclipse Magnetics, Sheffield, UK, recently supplied three Pneumag magnetic separators to a leading producer of quality chocolates. The units were installed by Derbyshire-based Steve Musk Engineering, an established provider of process systems to the confectionery industry. Metal fragments and particles can find their way into raw ingredients – notably sugar in this instance – in a variety of ways, from farming tools to transport packaging. Machinery components, utensils and handling equipment can also pose the risk of foreign bodies entering the production process.

Steve Musk Engineering installed Eclipse Magnetics’ Pneumag technology to the 30t capacity bulk sugar silo in-take and line side, placing a 4in Pneumag to the bulk tank intake and a further two 3in Pneumags on the silo-to-line production twin-stream system.

The Pneumag unit removes ferrous and paramagnetic contamination effectively from pneumatic process lines and contains a double-row, high-intensity magnetic cartridge, secured into its housing by quick-release toggle clamps to make sure even pressure is generated around the silicon-based metal-detectable seal. Gravity fed, the sugar flows over the rare earth neodymium iron boron bars, removing fine-particle contamination just microns in size.

Steve Musk of Steve Musk Engineering said: “With its high-strength magnets and overall high quality, the Pneumag is the top choice for applications within all sectors of the food industry that deal with powdered products such as sugar, flour and cocoa.

Since installing the Pneumags, the company has reported that its target of significantly reducing metal particles entering the production line has been achieved following installation of the Eclipse magnetic separators, with the technology assisting protection of both the sugar and the plant machinery further down the process line.



Pneumag separators at the plant of the unidentified  producer of chocolates safeguard consumers as well as downstream machinery against risk of ferrous particles entering the confectionery

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