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16.08.2021 New generation of explosion isolation valve

RICO Sicherheitstechnik, Herisau, Switzerland, has introduced the latest version of its well established VENTEX® explosion protection valve, offering customers a wide range of innovations and optimisations in the field of explosion isolation. The valve now features a flow velocity of at least 30m/s in all nominal sizes, thereby ensuring a higher degree of process reliability and flexibility. The valve can be placed directly upstream or downstream of pipe bends in the pipeline; double pipe bends or combinations of pipe bends in different directions can also be accommodated. "In this way, we ensure significant advantages in plant design, as customers do not have to reserve as much space and a straight pipe section is not a requirement. The installation distance in the area of organic dusts has been extended to between 2 and 15m, depending on the nominal size. These two innovations result in increased flexibility in the use of the passive explosion protection valve. Even in existing plants, integration is fast and easy," said Lorena Rigor, head of product management and customer service at RICO. For processes involving metallic dusts, the new VENTEX is also certified in nominal size DN400. Moreover, the new generation is also said to achieve up to 20% better values in terms of pressure drop. In addition, RICO has responded to customer suggestions: the DN250 nominal size, which previously was not on offer, has been added to the VENTEX portfolio and is now available as standard. "We were also able to further improve the maintenance modalities as part of our research and development, as well as achieve important flow and gasket optimisations," explained Lorena Rigor, emphasising the need for gaskets.

These not only prevent a possible flameout, but also dampen high accelerations when the valve closes in the event of an explosion. During numerous explosion tests on our products, we discovered that a gasket is absolutely necessary for safety reasons and has functional advantages in terms of contamination and assembly tolerances compared to a narrow metallic gap," she added: The new generation valve is also available as a special solution, depending on requirements. Regardless of whether a CIP version, a high-temperature valve up to +300°C or a C4 or C5 anti-corrosion coating is needed – RICO states that it is able to offer the right choice of equipment.


Latest version of the Ventex® explosion isolation valve from RICO

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