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16.08.2021 Enhanced nibbler offers metal-to-metal contact detection

Gericke, Regensdorf, Switzerland, has introduced the GNB model to its range of nibblers. It offers maximum access for inspection and cleaning and adds metal-to-metal contact detection capability. If contact occurs between the basket and the paddles, a signal is sent to the control system to isolate power to the drive motor. This helps to protect the process equipment and the products and significantly increases production safety.

The company’s nibblers have been used in many different industries including chemical and food for efficient lump breaking and de-agglomeration. The Gericke nibbler is a coarse grinder and pre-breaker employed for size reduction in a broad range of applications. It is used for de-agglomeration, reworking and breaking down/size reduction of lumpy or frozen products.

To further increase the usability of this device, Gericke has completely redesigned the housing and the screen. It now provides improved access to all areas of the equipment for inspection and cleaning. For maximum ease of use, the nibbler is also available in an extractable version.

Gericke GNB nibbler and de-agglomerator


















An extractable version is also available

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