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25.10.2021 Predictive maintenance for belt bucket elevator

AUMUND Fördertechnik, Rheinberg, Germany, at the beginning of 2021 successfully installed its newly launched PREMAS® 4.0 predictive maintenance system on one of its belt bucket elevators operating at the Wildegg, Switzerland, cement plant of Jura-Cement-Fabriken AG.

Ramona Keller is head of maintenance at Jura-Cement-Fabriken and after several months her experience with the predictive maintenance solution is reported to have been positive. “We are convinced that predictive maintenance is the future. With PREMAS 4.0 we can better plan our spare parts and maintenance, which has a positive effect on resources and costs. The PREMAS portal is easy to use and very clear. It allows us to recognise immediately when we need to act, no matter where we are or what time of day or night it is.”

PREMAS® 4.0 informs the maintenance department online, in real-time, about the condition of the machine, provides a prediction about the estimated lifespan of critical components, and facilitates proactive planning, timely action and prevention of possible problems.

Thanks to PREMAS 4.0, wear and ageing of important machine components of the kiln-feed belt bucket elevator at the Wildegg plant are flagged up at a very early stage. To make this possible PREMAS 4.0 combines the latest sensor technologies with data collection and analysis. Jura-Cement has unlimited access to the condition of the AUMUND bucket elevator via the PREMAS portal, and is informed proactively by the abnormality recognition function as soon as any action needs to be taken. This can be triggered by various indicators such as lifespan and workload of the belt (which was installed in 2015), machinery performance over the past 30 days, and/or some of the most important variables such as belt lengthening, motor current, and temperatures measured at the bucket elevator head and boot. The indicators allow the condition of the AUMUND bucket elevator to be monitored continuously.

At the beginning of 2020 Jura-Cement was the recipient of the first prototype of the PREMAS 4.0 System. Test runs were carried out to collect and evaluate data to be visualised in the first version of the PREMAS portal.  The finalised PREMAS system was successfully installed in January 2021 and put into operation. During the entire test phase Jura-Cement actively provided feedback, making a significant contribution to successful development, and helping to bring the system to market.


Dashboard of AUMUND’s PREMAS 4.0 provides real-time display of machine data

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