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25.10.2021 Bunting acquires MagDev

The acquisition of UK-based magnet and magnet assembly manufacturer MagDev Ltd by Bunting has expanded the range of magnetic solutions and technical expertise offered by the global magnetics group.  The extended product portfolio and additional magnet engineering knowledge confirms Bunting Group’s pre-eminent position in the European magnetics sector. Its European engineering and manufacturing facilities are in Berkhamsted, Redditch and now Swindon – all in the UK.

MagDev was part of the Swindon-based Delta Magnet group of companies. The plant features testing and in-house machining facilities as well as over 1100 square metres of warehouse space.  MagDev is a leading custom magnets and industrial magnets manufacturer specialising in supplying permanent magnets, magnetic assemblies and soft magnetic solutions in various shapes, sizes and grades, with magnetic properties tuned to specific applications.

The origins of MagDev date back to 1973, with the company becoming part of the MMG group of companies in 1986.  In August 2003, the merger of MMG GB Ltd and Magnet Developments Ltd in Swindon, UK formed MMG MagDev Ltd.  After the Delta Magnets Ltd acquisition of MMG MagDev Ltd in June 2010, the company became part of the DMG group of companies. With an experienced technical development team, MagDev Ltd has the capability of meeting a wide range of magnet material requirements, both with permanent and soft magnet materials, whether from a stock of standard parts or through bespoke development.

MagDev’s magnetic applications engineers have joined forces with the existing team at Berkhamsted. As one engineering entity, the scope of magnet design and specification extends across an expansive range of sectors and applications.  “The acquisition of MagDev expands our range of magnetic solutions, especially in relation to soft magnet materials,” explained Simon Ayling, Bunting’s European managing director.  “The present demand for magnet application engineering has never been higher.  The addition of the MagDev products and, more importantly, the technical team, significantly expands our magnet knowledge and capability.  This is an exciting development enforcing Bunting’s position as the leading European designer and supplier of magnets, magnetic components and magnetising equipment.”

MagDev’s premises and warehouse in Swindon

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