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25.10.2021 Pressure washing of rotary valves

Gericke RotaVal, Chippenham, UK, has launched an option which is available for its modular fast-clean range of rotary valves allowing for pressure wash cleaning of the exterior surfaces of the valve to IPX 6K (powerful water jets with increased pressure, DIN 40050).

This latest initiative improves the in-situ cleanability of rotary valves in demanding applications and environments to enhance plant cleanliness, assist in improving maintenance processes, increasing reliability, and reducing downtime and operational costs. This function is available in addition to the current CIP internal cleaning option which is already well proven in service.

This latest development is available for newly manufactured valves and additionally as a bespoke retrofit kit that can be fitted in the field. The first systems have been delivered and are in full operation, providing daily protection of the process equipment and products. Other key improvements to the rotor design and to the metal-to-metal contact detection systems are scheduled to be introduced in the near future.


A Gericke RotaVal rotary valve

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