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17.01.2022 New managing director at MESUTRONIC

MESUTRONIC Gerätebau GmbH, Kirchberg im Wald, Germany, reports that with effect from 1st January Christian Boxleitner (47) has become managing director. He takes over from Karl-Heinz Dürrmeier (63), co-founder of the foreign body detection specialist from Lower Bavaria. Dürrmeier leaves the company in excellent shape after 28 years at the helm and is scheduled to retire on 31 May, 2022 following a transitional phase in an advisory capacity.

As his designated successor, Boxleitner has already been in charge of marketing and sales for over a year. After previously working as a development engineer at MESUTRONIC, he held managerial positions at various internationally active companies. He previously studied for an MBA in digital corporate governance.

One of the new CEO's principal goals will be to make greater use of digitisation tools on the path towards uncompromising customer orientation in the areas of communication, solutions and service. "The mechanical engineering industry must learn from the major players in the B2C [business-to-consumer] sector. It must understand its customers and their needs and put them first. In the course of digitisation, a positive customer experience will become a central differentiating element in the competition for customers and projects through easier comparability in a transparent knowledge society, said Boxleitner.

MESUTRONIC Gerätebau is one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of innovative foreign body detection systems. The company has installed over 40,000 inspection devices (metal detectors, metal separators and X-ray machines) worldwide. 230 employees, of whom 27 are trainees, are employed at the Kirchberg im Wald site. Since 2019, MESUTRONIC has been majority-owned by the stock market listed INDUS Holding AG from Bergisch Gladbach.


Christian Boxleitner (right) with previous MESUTRONIC managing director Karl-Heinz Dürrmeier

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