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31.01.2022 Mobile shiploading system

SAMSON Materials Handling, Ely, UK, part of the AUMUND Group, has received an order for a narrow quay shiploader system with two mobile material feeders and two mobile link conveyors for the Port of Darica, in Turkey’s Kocaeli Province. The mobile material feeders are fed by trucks.

This project is based on the shiploader discharging to vessels typically up to 64,000dwt, with a maximum beam of 32.2m and a freeboard from quay height of 11m. The shiploader includes an enlarged reception hopper to receive the material simultaneously direct from the two link conveyors which are fitted with a centralising, dust sealing, discharge chute. Under standard conditions, the SAMSON shiploader will achieve a peak loading rate of 1000t/h.

The shiploader is mounted on rubber-tyred wheels. The design of the shiploader includes the latest mobility options improving the machine’s manoeuvrability, thus reducing the overall loading time associated with its operation. The shiploader is based on the new boom design incorporating a cambered tubular lattice structure which offers maximised structural strength, whilst minimising the total equipment weight. The benefits gained through this design are reduced imposed loads on the quay surface, whilst maintaining the ability to mount various trimming and dust suppression options to the equipment offered. The cambered boom design allows for maximum clearance of the vessel with a shorter boom and minimum material fall into the hold while reducing the demand on the main boom belt.

The two link conveyors will include small reception hoppers designed to receive directly from the centralising, dust-sealing transfer chutes of two SAMSON mobile material feeders.

The two Samson® mobile material feeders are mounted on wheels. Both feeders have flared loading entry sections, 4.5m wide, to increase the effective volume of the material feeder’s entry and to reduce loading vehicle alignment time. The two material feeders are equipped with integral truck ramps to receive the material from tipping trucks.

Example of a SAMSON bulk shiploading system similar to the one being supplied to Port of Darica, Turkey

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