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21.03.2022 Landmark calibration for HAVER & BOECKER

HAVER & BOECKER, Oelde, Germany, has just celebrated its 100th initial calibration verification in Europe. The perfectly filled bag is clean, stackable and accurate in weight. Above all, weight accuracy is essential for producers and consumers, and thus calibrated weighing technology is required in order to guarantee the measuring accuracy of weighing equipment. As a certified weighing specialist company, HAVER & BOECKER has since January 2020 been authorised to carry out the initial calibration verification of weighers in accordance with EU Directive 2014/32/EU.  
"Before being put into operation for the first time in the EU or EFTA states, every weighing instrument has to be approved by a verification authority, a state-accredited inspection body or a certified manufacturer. Calibration verification confirms the accuracy within the permissible calibration tolerance," sais Klemens Waldikowski, specialist for conformity assessment at HAVER & BOECKER. Whereas in the past an external testing authority first had to be requested after the installation of a system at the customer's site, today HAVER & BOECKER service technicians can now carry out the ‘conformity assessment’ themselves.

"This saves time and final costs for everyone involved," explained Waldikowski. "There are not always officials in every region to carry out calibration. So in the past there could be several days or weeks between installation and calibration. That is very valuable time for the customer."   

An initial calibration verification by the HAVER service team is quick and non-bureaucratic.
The customer also saves on calibration fees and official inspections. "The authorities are only involved in the recalibration, as these are still subject to public authorities."  

Initial calibration verification not only applies to new systems. Also weighing technology of old systems can also be initially calibrated by HAVER & BOECKER under certain circumstances. "The calibration-verification of a weighing system is only mandatory in the EU and EFTA countries. A second-hand machine that’s returned to the EU and has never been calibrated thus falls into the category of initial calibration verification. This also applies to conversions of existing systems, provided the weigher is changed over to the current version," explained Waldikowski. For HAVER & BOECKER customers - this means guaranteed weight accuracy and time and cost savings when commissioning new or modernised systems.



Manufacturer’s calibration verification by HAVER & BOECKER for reliable weighing technology

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