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02.05.2022 Improved silo protection system

Hycontrol Ltd, Redditch, UK, has launched an updated version of its SHIELD Lite silo protection system. The revised SPS is smaller than previous versions, with all critical silo-top safety components built-in and pre-wired to provide simpler, easier and lower-cost installation, thereby minimising the risk of wiring mistakes.  Utilising purpose-designed pressure monitoring and control equipment, SHIELD Lite is said to meet and exceed current best practices, including those in the new guidance for safer pressurised road tanker deliveries, drawn up by the UK-based Mineral Products Association (MPA) in collaboration with Hycontrol.

Hycontrol points out that powder storage silos are used across many industries but are at risk of over-pressurisation during tanker deliveries. Pressures as low as one psi are enough to rupture a silo or forcibly eject the filter unit from the roof. Besides the physical danger and risk of fatalities from falling equipment, this can cause significant equipment damage and environmental pollution. A comprehensive, failsafe safety and control system is vital to prevent such serious accidents.

SHIELD Lite has been designed to go beyond failsafe, providing a fully automated self-testing safety system that removes the risk of human error from the delivery process by thoroughly monitoring and controlling it. The high-accuracy pressure safety components are pre-assembled and wired for simple installation. In addition, SHIELD Lite incorporates Hycontrol’s pioneering Ground Level Testing (GLT), whereby a single key-turn activates a full-function test of all the crucial safety components without need to climb the silo.

Hycontrol managing director Nigel Allen commented: “We have insisted for many years that simplicity is the key to safety, so we have made a system that will make a silo safe straight out of the box. With baked-in failsafes like ratio alarms, filter blockage warnings and driver delivery behaviour diagnostics, we can effectively eradicate the risk of human error. We understand that mistakes in maintenance and testing are inevitable. Our philosophy is to accept this and provide a system that monitors and safely alerts you when these errors occur. Safety for staff, contractors and drivers should always be the number one priority. As we say – safe silos are tested every time.”

Pre-wired SHIELD Lite units atop three powder silos

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