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08.08.2022 Maselis invests in further optical sorters for cereals

Bühler, Uzwil, Switzerland reports that in late June it won a major order from Belgium-based Maselis NV which has purchased an additional three SORTEX H SpectraVision optical sorters for its European oat mills, following an initial investment in one machine at the beginning of this year. This latest order was placed in the immediate aftermath of Bühler’s Networking Days 2022 event.

From June 27 to 28 June, over 1000 decision makers, partners, and start-ups gathered at the Uzwil headquarters for Bühler’s Networking Days. Current food trends were discussed in depth, including the recent increase in trials around alternative protein ingredients. One grain category with a significantly high protein value is oats, which Maselis is renowned for processing.

Since 1829 Maselis has been a major European producer of cereal products for almost two centuries. The company’s oat mills have a husking plant, several flaking lines, and a cereal extrusion department where oat flakes, breakfast cereal flakes, pre-cooked pearled wheat, and extruded cereals are produced.

Since the start of the year, Maselis has been using Bühler’s latest SORTEX H SpectraVision machine, with five chutes, in its oat processing operations. The SORTEX H offers three key benefits for customers – exceptional ease of use, high performance, and enhanced connectivity – all of which contribute to increased sustainability.

After attending this year’s Networking Days event, and having witnessed the machine’s performance first hand over the past few months, Patrick Maselis, managing director at Maselis decided to further strengthen the company’s relationship with Bühler SORTEX by investing in three more SORTEX H SpectraVision optical sorters.

Carmen Schlatter Broger, head of digital technologies at Bühler, commented: “We are very excited to be extending our alliance with Maselis and we cannot wait to see the impact this investment will have on their oats line.”

She added: “Each time we host the Networking Days event, it provides the perfect landscape to converse with our customers face to face, share real solutions, learn from each other, and discuss how to act faster and with more impact among industry colleagues from all over the world.”

The SORTEX H SpectraVision was also presented with the Best Solution Award 2022 at the Networking Days – as decided by the over 1000 guests attending the event. Broger concluded: “This underlines the fact that our latest innovation meets current market requirements and even exceeds them in many areas. We are very proud of the team behind its launch and look forward to witnessing the long-term impact it makes in the industry.”

From the left: Patrick Maselis, Carmen Schlatter Broger, head of digital technologies at Bühler and Calvin Grieder, Bühler chairman

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