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16.01.2023 Coperion and Herbold Meckesheim at Plastindia 2023

At the forthcoming “Plastindia 2023” exhibition, taking place in New Delhi from 1-5 February 2023, Coperion – specialists in extrusion and compounding, bulk material handling and feeding systems – will be presenting a number of innovations and development, aimed at increasing the efficiency of polyolefin manufacturing and engineering plastics compounding.

Together with machine manufacturer Herbold Meckesheim – which recently merged with Coperion – various processes and plant solutions for reclaiming plastics of all kinds will be on display.

Whether for continuous stabilization, homogenization and pelletizing of LLDPE, HDPE or PP powders, or for concentrating melt solutions, Coperion offers process expertise in polyolefin manufacturing.

One new Coperion plant concept now allows the energy-efficient incorporation of recyclate into polyolefin production. Conventional polyolefin manufacturing processes using recyclates require three steps:


  • preparation of new material;
  • mechanical recycling with filtration;
  • and pelletizing of the waste plastic; and mixing the two product streams.


Coperion's new process solution allows mechanically recycled and filtered melt to be added directly into the extruder where the new material is manufactured. Energy-intensive mixing and melting of the new material stream and PCR compounds are completely eliminated, significantly dropping investment and operating costs.

Another highlight of Coperion’s presence at Plastindia will be the ZXQ 800 rotary valve. Coperion developed this high performance, low gas leakage valve especially for powder intake into pneumatic conveying up to 3.5 bar. With its enormous capacity, it is optimally suited for high-throughput polyolefin plants.

Along with polyolefin equipment, Coperion will be demonstrating versatile uses of its technologies and process expertise in various compounding tasks – from filling and reinforcing engineering plastics and masterbatch preparation to bioplastic manufacturing. Compounding with Coperion’s ZSK and STS twin screw extruders, as well as material conveying and feeding, stand out for their very high degree of automation and efficiency. Thanks to its high specific torque of 18 Nm/cm3, the ZSK extruder achieves very high throughput rates with comparatively low energy consumption. Bulk material handling is extremely gentle on product and raw material feeding is highly accurate. Product changes can be accomplished in no time, increasing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Coperion’s ZRD 200 rotary valve for discharge and metering of powders as well as the WZK 100 two-way diverter valve will be on display.

Additionally, the T35/S60 Quick Change (QC) feeder with the 2415 pellet receiver will be available to view. The QC feeder is suited especially for applications requiring maximum flexibility in feeding and material changeover. It allows the feeder unit, including the screws, to be quickly and easily removed and installed. The single screw feeding design handles free flowing powders, granules, pellets and other free flowing materials. The twin screw design is ideal for floodable powders and more difficult, sticky or hard-to-flow materials.

The especially low-leakage ZXQ 800 rotary valve is ideal for powder intake into the pneumatic conveying of high-output systems used in polyolefin manufacturing.

With complete systems from a single source, Coperion and Herbold Meckesheim are setting new standards for plastics recycling.

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