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03.12.2012 Abrasion-resistant polyethylene pipework

Kingfisher Industrial, Cradley Heath, UK has launched K-PIPE WRP, a polymer-lined high density polyethylene wear-resistant piping system which is well suited for pneumatic handling of abrasive solids and powders as well as for movement of liquids, sludge and slurry containing abrasive media. It offers an inner wear-resistant polymer within its matrix designed to enhance the service life of the pipe. The most appropriate lining layer is selected from a range of polymers to suit the material being conveyed. The system allows extra thicknesses of the inner polymer to be incorporated in areas such as pipe bends where there is greater risk of abrasion damage. Another advantage is that the system can be joined using a specially developed butt-fusion technology and electro-fusion couplings which results in welded joints as strong and as smooth as the pipe itself. Alternatively, flanges and mechanical sealing joints can be used in the same fashion as steel pipes. Managing director John Connolly explained that this one-piece piping system is lighter than traditional steel-lined pipes and is also easier to install.


The HDPE outer layer of K-PIPE WRP has sufficient flexibility to absorb stresses caused for example by ground movement; there is a choice of wear-resistant polymer inner linings (right) to suit the material being conveyed

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