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27.03.2023 Busy two days in Dortmund

With over 400 companies showcasing their products and services, the SOLIDS Dortmund 2023 Exhibition on Thursday and Friday of this week attracted a large number of visitors.


The exhibition was an impressive showcase of the latest developments and innovations in the solids processing industry. Held at the Dortmund Exhibition Centre in Germany, it provided a platform for industry experts and professionals to come together and exchange knowledge, ideas, and experiences.


A wide range of topics related to solids processing were covered, including particle technology, bulk solids handling, and powder processing. It also featured the latest advancements in equipment and technologies, such as sieving and separation, drying and cooling, and storage and transportation.


Visitors were also able to attend a wide range of talks and presentations on various topics related to solids processing. The talks covered a wide range of topics, including process optimization, energy efficiency, and the latest advancements in equipment and technologies.


There were live demonstrations of equipment and technologies, an opportunity for visitors to compare different equipment and technologies and make informed decisions about what will work best for their specific needs.


Overall, the Solids Dortmund 2023 exhibition prove to be an excellent event for professionals in the solids processing industry.




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