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03.04.2023 Improved productivity for powder coating manufacturers

Baker Perkins has launched a new range of cooling conveyors for powder coating applications.

The new stainless-steel belt cooling conveyors are designed to match the outputs of the company’s MPX and HPX series of industrial twin-screw extruders, which can produce up to 2900 kgs per hour, across the full range of powder coating and toner formulations.    

Designed to cool extruded material efficiently and produce flakes which are sized for feeding into the milling stage of the process, the new cooling conveyor integrates into the powder coatings production line and helps to maximise end-product quality.  

Baker Perkins is working in partnership with sister company Kemutec, specialists in powder processing, to design, build and install all the systems required for a complete end-to-end powder coating process: from feeding to extruding and cooling, through to milling, sifting and screening.

Integrated process systems have a single touchscreen HMI which provides visualisation of the whole process with current status of all major components and parameters to aid decision-making and process optimisation.

When the operating parameters of the extruder and cooling conveyor are defined for a specific product, fully automated start-up and shutdown, at the press of a button, improve the efficiency of the entire process.    

Increased production time through effective maintenance is also a significant benefit. Integration into the production line’s control system allows automated cleaning of the cooling conveyor, thereby reducing downtime, minimising the risk of batch cross-contamination and increasing operator safety.   

All cooling conveyors from Baker Perkins feature a built-in flaking unit with its own air vortex cleaning system for dust extraction, which further cuts labour and turnround time whilst ensuring a high-quality product with minimal contamination risk.

Baker Perkins Cooling Conveyor for Powder Coatings    

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