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03.04.2023 “Rota Val” becomes “Gericke Rotaval”

30 years after joining the Gericke group of companies - and adding its rotary valves as an integral product to the group’s portfolio of powder handling solutions - UK based Rota Val Ltd. Is now continuing the journey of integration by changing its name to Gericke Rotaval Ltd.

The Gericke group of companies gives Gericke RotaVal worldwide reach in providing customers with tailored solutions and product support.

To ensure efficiency and safety of a powder handling process and based on their modular design, Gericke RotaVal valves can be adapted for virtually all types of product characteristics and applications - from heavy duty to highest hygienic standards.

In addition to being a rotary valve manufacture, Gericke is a supplier of powder processing machines and systems, used in many food, chemical, pharmaceutical and raw material industries.

Rotary valve production at Gericke Rotaval Ltd. in the UK

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