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24.04.2023 Coperion K-Tron expands ProRate PLUS Feeder Line

Coperion K-Tron is expanding its ProRate PLUS feeder portfolio with more solutions for feeding powders. A ProRate PLUS-MT twin screw feeder will be added to the product line, available end-April 2023.

Together with the recently introduced ProFlow bulk solids activator the new twin screw feeder is an efficient solution for feeding powder additives in plastics applications. Last year Coperion K-Tron developed a completely new feeder line to provide a feeder for simple feeding applications in the plastics industry. The original product line featured three single screw feeders that are ideal for the feeding of pellets, granules and other free-flowing bulk materials in secondary plastics applications.

The PLUS-MT gravimetric feeder with its horizontal agitator ensures that the two screws are always optimally filled with material. The twin screw technology also has the advantage of reducing pulsations and the screws have a self-cleaning effect. Twin screw feeders are ideal for difficult to handle powder additives such as talc, calcium carbonate or carbon black. The steep design of the hopper walls allows poorly flowing bulk solids to be fed reliably without an additional vertical agitator. Should material bridging or ratholes still occur, one or more ProFlow bulk solids activators can be mounted on the hopper to promote material flow.


ProRate PLUS feeders can be installed as individual units or easily arranged in cluster of up to six feeders around a process inlet, depending on the recipe formulation.

(Below) ProRate PLUS continuous single and twin screw gravimetric feeders, with and without refill packages, are ideal for secondary plastics applications.

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