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01.05.2023 Depth stop for samplers – helpful accessory for sampling bulk goods

To make a sampling procedure reproducible, it should always be carried out under the same conditions. For this purpose, the depth stop for samplers is a helpful accessory.

The depth stop from Buerkle can be clamped to any height of the sampler by means of a C-clamping screw. This ensures that the sampler penetrates to the same desired depth each time it is pierced. The penetration depth is thus fixed and can be precisely recorded, e.g. in a test report or sampling instructions. In addition, the depth stop can prevent accidental puncturing during sampling.

The depth stop for samplers is useful in all areas where the sampling parameters must be precisely determined and defined – for example, in the outgoing and incoming goods inspection of bulk materials that can segregate.

The depth stop for samplers is attached to the sampler lance and fixed at any height with a C-clamp screw.

Available for Ø 25/50 mm, suitable for many sampler lances.

For more information on the depth stop for samplers, please follow this link:

The Buerkle Death Stop

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