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01.05.2023 New melt index testers save time and increase repeatability

With the MFi5 and MFi7, Instron presents a new generation of melt index testers for a wide range of tasks, from monitoring incoming materials to product development and process control. The compact, manually operated MFi5 is ideal for fast and reliable measurements thanks to preset methods, while the modular MFi7 can be flexibly adapted to accommodate an increasing volume of testing. Both are suitable for test temperatures from 50 °C to 450 °C and are equipped with test weights from 0.1 to 21.6 kg. A piston travel transducer resolution of 0.005 mm and a piston displacement accuracy of up to 0.02 mm enable particularly accurate measurements. They thus cover the entire range of requirements for standard melt index tests in accordance with ISO 1133 and ASTM D1238, Methods A, B and C. Each System is operated via a 7" capacitive colour touchscreen.

Optional equipment for MFi5 and MFi7 includes a motor-driven cutting device for precise, repeatable separation of the extrudate by time (with 0.01 s accuracy) or position. Also optional are automatic die plug opening, special pistons for high flow materials with very high MFR (1600 g/10 min and more), and the use of particularly corrosion- and wear-resistant steels for cylinders, pistons, and dies.


Instron's new MFi7 melt index tester during fast, software-assisted self-installation

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