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22.05.2023 Granulation Course & Conference Programme

Sheffield University has announced the programme for the Granulation Course and Conference (Click on the links below).

Granulation Course Timetable

Oral Presentation Timetable

Poster Presentation Timetable

The workshop website is updated on a regular basis. For latest information please visit 10th International Granulation Workshop (2023) | International Granulation Workshops | The University of Sheffield

Prior to the Conference there will be a 2 day Granulation Course (19th – 20th June 2023), led by experts from the food, detergent and pharmaceutical industries. This course is designed for you if you work in industrial granulation or are a PhD student. At the course you will get hands-on granulation experience and knowledge from renowned experts in the field.


2 days Granulation course registration
3 days Granulation Conference registration

Further Information:

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