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17.12.2012 Reduced distance between spark detection and extinguishment

GreCon, Alfeld, Germany, specialises in manufacturing spark detection/extinguishing systems. For pneumatic or mechanical conveying installations, as well as for drop chutes, the company can provide infrared spark detectors, capable of reliably detecting ignition sources in bulk product flows, which work in conjunction with one or several extinguishing nozzles which are normally located 4-7m downstream of the detectors, depending on conveying velocity.
Now, for plant areas in which the required ‘extinguishing distance’ cannot be achieved or only attained by modifying the plant layout, GreCon has developed a new ultra-high-speed extinguishing system (UHS). This device is based on a special high-speed solenoid valve and one or several full-cone nozzles. Thanks to a significant reduction of the reaction time from spark detection until complete spreading of the water spray, the length of the required extinguishing distance can be reduced to no more than two metres. This innovation also makes the protection of very confined production plants possible.

GreCon’s spark extinguishing system can now be more compact

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