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18.06.2012 Drier offers optimum heat transfer for precious and sensitive products

Lindor, Dordrecht, the Netherlands, well known for its gentle touch mixers for food and fine chemicals, is about to unveil its latest development at the Achema global chemical exhibition which starts 18 June in Frankfurt. Designed along similar lines to the company’s rotary drum mixer, the ‘Gentle Dryer’ is a machine for impregnating, heating, drying and cooling of powders, granulate and natural products. The drum and scoops have a double wall and the machine allows for a hot airstream through the flowing product and the rotating drum. The concept has been registered for a global patent.

Both the drum and the scoops can be heated with saturated steam of 172°C at up to 8 barg. Condensation of steam in the double jacket of drum and scoops, right at the point where the product requires heating, provides a maximum of heat transfer to the product. For air drying the machine is equipped with special features to allow a large airflow through the moving product and rotating drum. Both media, steam and air, can be applied at the same time to optimise heating, drying and cooling. The machine is also equipped with liquid injection nozzles.

A test machine with a net product volume of 100-1000 litres will be available from beginning of July for customer trials at Lindor’s Dordrecht test plant and several companies have already booked time on the machine. Products for which this concept may prove to be of particular relevance include ceramics, speciality plastics, metal salts and


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