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01.12.2014 Powder caking: understanding the causes

Freeman Technology, Tewkesbury, UK, has published a new white paper that describes extensive experimental studies examining the multiple mechanisms that lead to powder caking. Caking is a routinely encountered problem within powder handling applications which compromises productivity and increases waste. The paper ‘Investigations into homogeneous and non-homogeneous caking and crusting in powders using powder rheology’ demonstrates how dynamic powder testing can be used to quantify caking behaviour under different environmental conditions. The resulting data support the development of strategies that reduce caking and maintain optimum powder processability. The paper can be freely downloaded from the Freeman Technology website:
More than 70% of materials handled in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries are powders. The ability of these materials to flow freely is often fundamental to their industrial value and this is obviously adversely affected by caking. 
Caking fundamentally affects the flow properties of powders


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