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08.12.2014 High-speed, uniform loading of PE pellets into railcars

Coperion, Weingarten, Germany, has been awarded a contract for the supply of high rate and high filling efficiency railcar loading systems for polyethylene pellets. Four loading stations will load railcars with a capacity of up to 400t/h in 20 minutes or less to a filling efficiency of ≥95%. A proven product spreading system developed and patented by Erhard Muhr, Brannenburg, Germany, will help enhance the loading technology and capacity. The two companies have entered into an exclusive cooperation for development, marketing and implementation of railcar loading systems for polymer pellets.
The Muhr technology features a novel spreader blade that uses recoil forces to gently accelerate the pellet flow, propelling them into the far corners or each car. An intelligent control system from Coperion, with frequency regulated spreader motor drives and I/P regulated feeder slide valves, is fully interfaced with the railcar scales, regulating the filling of the larger outer and smaller inner railcar compartments, thereby ensuring uniform and balanced loading.;
Muhr’s railcar loading spreader unit

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