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08.12.2014 Complete snack food plant supplied to Russia

J-Tec Material Handling, Kapellen, Belgium, recently supplied a dedicated and fully integrated plant to a leading global manufacturer of snack foods. The project was successfully commissioned at an existing production facility near Moscow, Russia, and comprised bulk bag discharging stations, bag dump stations, a pneumatic conveying line and a dry blending process. Thanks to the success of J-Tec’s standardised solutions, the same concept has already been copied several times worldwide.
All components were designed with specific attention towards stringent hygiene and food safety standards. Being an EHEDG member, J-Tec actively promotes safe food processing by improving sanitary engineering and designs. By integrating a combination of custom-made and modular components it was possible to deliver competitive project costs. The FIBC and sack tip stations are connected to a vacuum conveying line with inline sifter and magnetic separator. 
Ergonomically designed sack tip stations and (right) the 13m high blending tower where batches are transferred through various processing stages under gravity 

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