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15.12.2014 Polymer compounder invests in all-metal separators

Eriez Magnetics Europe, Caerphilly, UK, has upgraded metal detection and separation capability of polymer compound production lines at Petlon Polymers, Lydney, Gloucestershire. A series of EZ-Tec 9100 all-metal separators from Eriez have been installed at critical stages of the process to ensure metal-free end product quality at an affordable price. Petlon processes different categories of plastic waste material which is shredded, granulated and then used as a base feedstock in the manufacture of high quality engineering compounds.
Designed and manufactured in South Wales, the EZ-Tec 9100 units perform a vital role in the process, removing ferrous and non-ferrous metals in order to protect expensive machinery and ensuring all finished products are free from any metal fragments greater than 0.5mm sphere. Easily retro-fitted, this compact metal separator is designed for installation in free fall or gravity-fed applications and can be used as a stand-alone unit or installed in line with the process flow. 
One of the EZ-Tec 9100 all-metal separators at Petlon Polymers

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