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12.01.2015 Plate magnets designed to remove ferrous contaminants from tobacco

Bunting Magnetics Europe, Berkhamsted, UK, has delivered 12 large custom-designed plate magnetics to a customer in Italy for a project in Indonesia. The identical self-cleaning magnets, each weighing about 50kg, have surface dimensions of 600 x 130mm and a depth of 45mm. They are capable of achieving a peak magnetic field of over 10,000 gauss on the surface. Each unit comprises blocks of high-energy rare earth magnets arranged inside a rugged stainless steel housing. Specially designed to produce a specific profile and intensity of magnetic field, they were positioned inside chutes to protect delicate and expensive cutter blades from damage caused by ferrous particles as well as larger pieces of ferrous tramp metal hidden in tobacco flows.
These are the largest plate magnets so far manufactured in the UK by Bunting. They were designed, manufactured and despatched within nine weeks. Value of the order was in excess of £50,000. 
The size, weight and magnetic strength of each of the 12 Bunting plate magnets dictated that they had to be packed separately for shipment to Italy

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