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19.01.2015 Surface storage feeders save cement plant costs

Aumund Group, Rheinberg, Germany, recently supplied a Samson feeder to a Lafarge cement mill in Whitehall, PA, USA, for feeding lime mud directly on to the finish mill belt. The material is fed into the Samson by either rear tipping trucks or front end loaders. In a second contract Aumund provided two Samson feeder systems to Lehigh Cement in Edmonton, Canada, which are fed by front end loaders. Here synthetic gypsum is being handled.
The success of these two references has opened up new possibilities for the Samson as a viable surface storage feeder for cement plants throughout the world, making cement mill operations less complex and more cost effective. It adds increased flexibility in handling different materials and in adapting the plant layout to changing production demands. By contrast, a production process involving deep pits, bunkers or bins demands massive and costly civil engineering investment. According the Aumund, the cement industry rarely needs the vast buffer storage provided by bunkers and bins. The storage capacity provided by a surface storage feeder like the Samson has proven to be fully sufficient. It is surface mounted without the need for special foundations and it can be easily relocated within the plant or even between sites.
Samson storage feeder at the Lafarge cement mill in Whitehall 

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