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26.01.2015 Safeguarding against dust filter fires

UK-based StuvEx Safety Systems, specialising in industrial fire and explosion safety, reports that it is able to provide a CO2 fire extinguishing system that can be installed on a new filter, or retrofitted to an existing filter, to eliminate the risk of fire.
The system, which is simple to install, uses spark detectors and/or heat sensors installed on the filter to trigger a control unit which provides an audible alarm and operates a relay interlock to shut down the filter and associated process equipment. A solenoid valve is activated automatically to start the flow of CO2 through pipework to injection points located on the filter. The response of the system is rapid to ensure that extinguishing is achieved before the fire becomes a threat. A single cabinet houses both the control system and the CO2 bottle assembly, which features a weighing system to ensure that it is full. The system can be configured to meet specific requirements with various options including manual activation from a remote actuator. StuvEx International is located in Kontich, Belgium.
StuvEx extinguishing system, showing: (1) spark detectors, (2) temperature sensor, (3) control unit, (4) fire extinguishing bottle(s) and (5) piping and extinguishing nozzles.


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